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Where machines empathize with humans



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Our mission

Tackle society problems
by integrating empathic machines into daily use
through a multidisciplinary approach
with the help of our partners.


Our plans

  1. Researching & developing empathic systems
  2. Connecting experts, enthusiasts and entities
  3. Promoting empathic human-computer interactions


What we do

  • Research & industrial projects, demos
  • Events, meet-ups, conferences
  • … we also drink beers 🍻


Our playground

Chatbots - Automated assistants - AR/VR - Color/Light - Sound - Temperature - Image/Video - Emotions - Psychology - Personality - Artificial Intelligence

pretty cool right?

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We are researchers

(Casas, Daher, Hannoun, et al., 2020)

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Come meet us

We are located in Fribourg, but are virtually everywhere.

We are part of the HumanTech Institute (friendly team there).

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